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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A photo a day keeps the boredom away

Tomorrow is the 1st of August and that means.... start of photo a day challenge for August (an awesome idea created by Fat Mum Slim). I'm so determined to stick to it this time like I did in February. We all know March turned out to be a big fail, which is sad because I had some good photos going on in the beginning there.

My favourite hobby is taking photos. I love photos for so many reasons. Taking photos is so calming and so creative at the same time. You can adjust your photo to show so many different perspectives just by changing the angle you take it from. Photos capture memories. They capture emotions and allow you to see into a person's soul. In case you haven't realised I'm very sentimental and want to hold onto every memory I can (this is why I had 1300ish photos on my phone within 3 months of getting it). My photos are an expression of me.
The photo a day challenge allows you to express yourself on another level by interpreting a particular prompt. Its unbelievable how many different photos you can create from the same prompt, just by thinking out of the box. I'm always blown away by the photos people take. When I first started out, my photos for Feb (above) were somewhat basic, however in March I tried a bit harder to be creative (you can see those photos here) but life got in the way and I didn't stick to it. This time I'm going to try and take it to another level now that Ive had a few months break.

If you want to play along too here is the list...

[source: Fat Mum Slim]

Just follow the prompts and get creative! You can share your photos on my facebook page or on Fat Mum Slim's facebook page. You can also share on twitter, but I'm not cool enough to use twitter (yet) so for now I'm just sharing on facebook.

Hope you will join in the fun!

Toni xx

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