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Monday, July 23, 2012

A model for a day

Its been a few weeks now, but finally I am getting around to writing about this (I blame the whiplash for my procrastination). Back in May I entered a competition on a facebook page that I liked to win a free photo shoot with free makeup. Never in a million years did I think that I had a chance of winning, but the thought of having some nice photos of myself was a good enough reason to put myself out there and give it a go. It was also a competition about inner beauty so I thought maybe I had a 5% chance of winning. Incase you hadn’t realised before, although it is thinly veiled by a confident sense of humour, I don’t have the highest self esteem - SHOCK HORROR! Like all women, I don’t think I’m particularly pretty so the chance to have professional makeup and photos done and come close to looking beautiful for a day made me just a tad bit excited.

Back to the story, in the end I won! Albeit because of a lack of entries and the competition ended early, but let’s just assume (for my confident’s sake) that I still would have won. Anyway, the reason why I won is not important, I got to spend a day pretending to be a model with the wonderful Kimberley and Rebecca. It was so much fun!

I have to admit I was a bit paranoid at first. Being the centre of attention, especially in front of a camera, is not exactly my cup of tea. However, after a while I really got into it. Once I stopped thinking about my insecurities and let go of my inhibitions I forgot about the camera in a way and just got lost in the process. We got some amazing shots and for once I actually really love the photos of me. 


I cannot recommend Kimberley enough and if you are in Brisbane and are looking for a photographer for a single, couple or family shoot you should definitely check out her work here. Also, if you need makeup give Rebecca a call.

Thanks so much ladies for making me feel special for the day!

Toni xx

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  1. Hi Toni!

    Your words are too kind and lovely!

    I try not to share/comment from my personal blog, but I can't help but admire the honesty you write with. your blog is one I must follow - it is inspirational. :)

    - Kimberley.