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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My new love

So tonight I thought I would properly introduce you to my new partner. My true soul mate.
I don’t think I ever really believed in the whole ‘soul mate’ theory before. In fact I don’t think I even believed in it when we were first together, however, as time goes on I have become a believer. Looking back at how we have grown together from complete strangers to best friends, to firm life partners it really is amazing. There has to be some kind of strong ‘soul’ (or emotional as I would call it) connection going on for two complete strangers to have a chance meeting and become completely and utterly inseparable. It has been an absolutely incredible journey so far and I could not imagine my life without him.

So this is why he is so amazing...

  • He’s a listener. We can talk for hours and he actually listens to what I have to say!
  • He gives great hugs. I have to admit I love a good hug.
  • He has nice eyes. Nice eyes are always important; they are the window to your soul.
  • He’s taller than me. I know it’s superficial, but I can’t stand a man who’s shorter than me.
  • He’s my opposite. He’s very laid back and goes with the flow which balances out my incessant need to over think and plan everything. He calms me down.
  • He understands my past. I’m sure it will come out on here one day, but my past was less than ideal and so was his so it’s nice to have someone who sees things from my perspective.
  • He’s a lover not a fighter. He hates fighting, to the point where I am now the one who starts the fights which is weird because I have always been the submissive one. It’s good though to have someone who doesn’t scream at you until you give in.
  • He wants to take care of me. Even though I’m extremely independent and don’t want to rely on someone it is nice to know that somebody wants to take care of me.
  • He makes me feel special. Finally I have found a man who makes me feel like I am the most important woman in the world.
  • He makes me smile. Do you know how good it is to look at someone and smile just because you are insanely happy?
  • Most of all he’s HOT!!! He would be attractive to me anyway because of his personality, but throw in the nice eyes, height and muscles and he’s definitely hot! I’ve been told by other people too so it must be true :P

I didn’t ever think I would meet anyone else and I certainly wasn’t looking for it at the time. I truly believe we both met each other at exactly the right time in both our lives and that has played a huge part in why we have formed such a strong bond.

So whether it was my destiny and he is my ‘soul mate’ as decided by the universe or whether it was just the most awesome coincidental meeting in the world, I am eternally grateful. I could never have imagined being this happy a few years ago. It proves that there is always a silver lining waiting for you, even if you can’t see it. It will find you eventually.

Toni x

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