Monday, June 18, 2012

Its all working out

Everything is coming along quite nicely at the moment which is a pleasant albeit odd change.

I’m so used to always being stressed about something, having something going wrong or being upset by something. For the moment everything seems to be going ok, maybe even good. For once everything is working out for me and I feel like the world (universe, karma etc) is on my side.

I feel like I have de-cluttered my mind of late now that everything is finally over. No more court cases to worry about. No more money worries (well apart from the normal money worries we all have). Now, I'm moving onto de-cluttering the house.

 I finally got my new blinds installed this month. I’ve wanted new blinds for five years since I bought this house so I am beyond excited that they are finally here. It feels so much more modern and more me. I have also been clearing out boxes from over 2 years ago. Its amazing how much junk you can have sitting around in boxes and totally forget about. A lot of it I have been ignoring because I didn’t want to have to sort through things that would remind me of the past, but the time has finally come to close the last chapter of all this mess. Actually I think clearing out the house is more like the first stage of my new life.

I feel at peace when I'm at home now, like its my space and I am meant to be here. It doesn’t hold past memories anymore. In fact all around me now are reminders of new memories Ive created. All I have to do now is look forward to the future and the endless possibilities it holds, there is no reason to look back anymore.

Toni xx

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