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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Real friendships always last

Little did I know that my decision to change jobs back in 2008 would result in me meeting one of my closest friends. At first she was just the friendly manager with brown (sometimes red) curly hair, bright green eyeshadow and a South African accent. Over time as we got to know each other through countless discussions about, life, work and our future goals we discovered we had a lot in common and developed a very strong friendship.

We have supported each other through many good and bad times in each others lives including her pregnancy, her journey through motherhood, my separation and divorce, her marriage and all the everyday trials and tribulations we as 20 something women face. There have been many tears, hugs, moments of laughter and smiles and I am grateful for all the times we have spent with each other. She has been an overwhelming source of support and strength for me and has had to put up with quite a lot of pointless, repetitive ramblings on my behalf.

She is honest, friendly, caring, compassionate and funny. She is deep and meaningful but can also be fun and carefree. She is also incredibly creative and has a wonderful spirit. By far the best quality she has now is that she is such a loving, dedicated and protective mum. I hope that when I become a mother I am just as passionate and devoted as she is. It has been so interesting to watch her transform from a slightly insecure person (like myself) not sure of what she wanted to do in life to someone who has truly found her calling albeit a bit by accident at the time ;)

Although we don’t see each other as often now as we used to, because life gets in the way, I know that we will remain good friends long into the future. True friendship stands the test of time no matter what life throws up at you.

So here is my gift to you pretty lady J 

Now the whole world, or at least the few people who read this, know how special you are and how much you mean to me!

Hope you all find special and lasting friendships like I have.

Toni xx

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  1. Love this! So many people in this world are fake. Its a blessing to find friends like you have in this lady. <3
    Autumn Boston