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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How do you feel today?

Do you ever stop and think how many times your mood changes in one day? Its quite rare that I will wake up in one mood and stay in the same mood for the whole day no matter what happens throughout the day.

This morning I started out tired and not looking forward to work which soon gave way to boredom once I got to work. However, as the day went on, I became optimistic as it started to get busier at work and I was actually making my target for the day. Then I was happy and to a small extent proud of myself for achieving my target on such a quiet day. At lunch I had to go to the bank to sort out stuff to do with my ex (yes it is still going on even though it should be over...) and once I went to sort that out I began to feel a bit sad and unsettled. It was mainly because it makes me think about the past again when I don’t want to. I was also angry at myself for allowing myself to feel this way. That's right I got angry at myself for being emotional! Makes total sense right?? Not.

Fast forward a few hours and coming home tonight knowing I was going to see my man I felt and still feel  loved :)

So looking back on my day I have gone through 9 different emotions in one day just as a result of what happened throughout the day. There are many people out there who will say that your environment has no control over your emotions and that only you are responsible for the way you feel. To an extent I believe that, but at the same time we are all products of the environment we live in and the experiences we go through otherwise we would all be the same and that would be boring.

Either way I am just happy that I ended the day with feeling loved. It is the best feeling to have before going to sleep....

What have you felt today?

Toni xx

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  1. i felt tired, annoyed, stressed, relaxed, happy, loved all today. but wouldnt change it in anyway.