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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moments in time

Once upon a time

Isn't it funny when you look back and can pin point a single point in time that changed the course of your life? It doesnt happen very often and usually you dont realise it at the time but its quite amazing when you think about it. There have been 3 points in my life in the last 10 years that have changed my life completely....

1: The night I met my future husband. 
didn't want to go out that night because I was tired from work, but was already committed to going to a family friends hens night. So off I went thinking nothing of it. During the course of the night the girls decided to play a game "find Toni a boyfriend", which I got sick of after an hour of them talking to a bunch of old feral looking men. Finally I went and started talking to this guy purely to stop the girls from bringing over random men. Little did I know how ironic it was that I found my future husband whilst trying to stop the girls finding me a boyfriend. I didn't even think he was going to be my boyfriend that night, but after time he told me he was my boyfriend (yes you read right he told me). Should've been a warning sign right then and there, but I was young, naive and just happy that somebody actually liked me after being single for nearly two years.

2: When I discovered my husband had numerous dating profiles
One night I discovered by random that my husband had been creating dating profiles on the internet with the intention of cheating on me (not proven whether he did or not). This happened while we had been trying unsuccessfully for 3 years to have a baby. This was the final straw which gave me the strength to finally leave. How dare he treat me like that (on top of everything else) when I was falling into a deep depression trying to give him everything he wanted and he repaid me by trying to find someone else! But, I am grateful for this moment because it changed the course of my life forever. It made me strong enough to say enough is enough and I will not be treated like this any more. This is not ok. Since that day I never looked back. It was like a light turned on and I could 100% see through the bulls#*t that he was spewing at me everyday no matter how hard he tried to manipulate me into believing it was once again all my fault. If I had never found that information I may still be sitting in the same place hating myself, hating my situation and being unable to see any other future.

Fate controls who walks into your life. You decide who to let walk out, who you want to stay and who you refuse to let go.

3: New years eve 2010. 
wasn't going to go out that night either, but my best friend was going into the city so I went out with her. I was getting quite bored with the night as I wasn't drinking much because I was getting way more pleasure out of watching the drunk people make idiots of themselves (and I was mildly concerned if I did get drunk that I would morph into one of them). Then a chance meeting with a passing stranger once again changed the course of my life. That night I met my true soul mate who I have now been with for a year. I am so happy and he treats me like a princess. I never thought I would ever have a relationship like this. One where you both totally understand each other, respect each other, unconditionally love each other and genuinely want each other to be happy. Its such a breath of fresh air compared to my past. I am so excited to see what my future holds now because since this day it has involved fun, happiness, adventure, love, harmony and contentment.... all the things that were missing before.

Have a look back at your own life and I'm sure you'll be able to find at least one moment in time that changed the course of your life...

Life really is amazing sometimes...

Toni x

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