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Mummy Must Have | Beetle Bottoms

One of the most magical things about childhood is being able to indulge your imagination at all times. I loved the innocence of it. Once I was faced with some very harsh realities (much too early in my life) I longed for that world of wonder and excitement to come back. The world where anything was possible and I didn't know any different. I really want to nurture and inspire my daughters imagination for as long as possible. I am relishing the fact that I will be able to enjoy her make believe worlds with her.

When I was young (it wasn't as long ago as that statement makes it sound) we had to make our own fun from scratch, there weren't as many wizz bang toys as there are now (or maybe my mum was just poor?). We made do with empty boxes, toilet rolls and my favourite the empty clothes trolley and coloured pegs (they were my food cart and veggies to serve the imaginary old people in my great grandmas sun room). These days there are a lot more tools around to help parents inspire imagination. I have recently found out about the Beetle Bottoms stories. I was immediately drawn to them because they brought back fond memories. Although they were not around when I was a child, they immediately reminded me of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. I was also mesmerised by fairies when I was little and the idea that tiny little people could exist (think Fern Gully). To me Beetle Bottoms are a nice combination of both of these.

Beetle Bottoms are tiny little people who live in gardens all over the world. Not very many people get to see them as they are sooo tiny (about the size of an apple pip). There are two types of Beetle Bottoms - the apple keepers and the honey keepers. They live high up in trees in tiny little houses. They fly on butterflies and tiny little birds to get up to their houses. They have lots of exciting (and sometimes dangerous) adventures which children can learn about from the Beetle Bottoms story books and games.

The Beetle Bottoms stories are told by Fiona Whyte, Sarah Hill and Madison Holroyd. All of the Beetle Bottoms products are designed so children can play, create and imagine. Beetle Bottoms bring children's imagination to life so the fun doesn't end once the stories are over. Story play allows children to come up with their own Beetle Bottoms adventures and believe anything is possible. It also helps to boost confidence; build language, relationship and problem-solving skills and enhance communication skills. It also promotes acceptance of others and a curiosity and respect for nature. Most of all it is learning through play - which I believe is the most effective (and fun) way to teach children.

There are a number of different Beetle Bottoms products available including story books, educational games and wall decals. I was lucky enough to test out a few with my niece. Here's what we think.

She was so excited she wanted to play with everything
at the same time

Memory & Snap Game

The memory and snap game is a pack of 36 cards (with 18 matching pairs) which can either be used to play a game of memory or a game of snap. The games can be played either by one person or more. Both games help increase concentration and improve cognitive skills through play.

I was most excited about this game as snap and memory were some of my favourite games as a child. These cards are a fun take on the sometimes boring ones we used to play with. We played both games together, but my niece was more interested in memory than snap so that game lasted longer.

Helping me to set up the cards for Memory

She was mainly more interested in the memory game because she got to look at the pictures for longer. In the end she ended up just wanting to turn over all the cards because she wanted to look at all the pictures at the same time. She is only 3 so I can't blame her for getting frustrated with me for making her turn the cards back over. The fact that she wanted to look at them so much is a testament to how gorgeous Fiona's illustrations are. These cards are probably more suited to children aged 4+, but its still fun playing with them with a younger child (as long as you aren't a stickler for the rules).

Where is Pip? 

Where is Pip is a pop up book that tells the story of Petal looking for her little sister Pip. Pip searches different places in the garden to try and find her sister. The illustrations are gorgeous, colourful and engaging.

First of all let me just say pop up books are the best type of childrens book ever! My niece was obsessed with this book. We read it over and over and over. And then a few more times so she could keep opening the flaps. In the end she was telling me the story, instead of me reading the book to her. Her version was a bit different to the actual story, but thats the whole magic of story play.

Looking for Pip
If I had not of packed the book away I swear she would have sat there for hours with it (take note parents). This book is great for toddlers and above. I will be giving it to my daughter (5 months) to play with soon, but at the moment shes into ripping paper so I don't want her to destroy it. For now she has to make do with mummy opening the flaps for her.

Beetle Bottoms and the Sticky Situation

This book tells the story of an exciting and dangerous adventure that Pip, Petal, Thorn and Nut have one day. It includes flying on birds, hiding in a spiderweb, being trapped in a wormhole and the steps they all take to try and rescue each other. I love that it teaches children about problem solving and the importance of working together. It also subtly teaches them about danger and consequences. It sends a great message of teamwork and triumph against all odds.

Although she can't read yet herself, my niece loved this book. She was looking at the pictures and adding to the story as I was reading it to her. She got a little bit frightened of the spider, but once she saw what happened after and as I explained it to her she very quickly got over her fear. It definitely captured her imagination and got her thinking.

I am a big fan of the Beetle Bottoms products as they provide numerous options for educational play which helps children developmentally while also being heaps of fun. Each time you play the stories and games will be different as your child creates new and exciting adventures. You are only limited by your childs imagination. Once you are done playing inside you can go outside and have your own adventure searching for Beetle Bottoms in the garden.

There are many different products available for a range of age groups from babies to 10 year olds. At the moment there are also gift packs on special (perfect for Christmas or birthdays). Sarah has generously provided a copy of Beetle Bottoms and the Sticky Situation to giveaway to a Finding Myself Young reader. There are also runner up prizes! See details below.

Toni x

Disclosure - I was not paid for this review, but was gifted a copy of the products shown in order to review them. All opinions are my own and my nieces.



One lucky reader will win a copy of the story play book Beetle Bottoms and the Sticky Situation and three runners up will win a beetle bottoms removable bird decal.

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  1. My two daughters are just like Petal and Pip (you haven't been spying on us have you ladies? LOL). My 4yr old Kayla like Petal is a sensitive mother hen. And my 2yr old Ruby like Pip is a cheeky little go-getter. Kayla always thinks about consequences and tries to make sure everyone is OK and following rules. Ruby was walking at 9 months and ever since she dives in head-first with a mischievous grin. P.S. we have some Beetle Bottom wall decals and they are fabulous.

  2. NUT coz he can be a bt of a NUT(A) lol

  3. These remind me of the gum nut babies too. They look fabulous, great idea for Christmas :)

  4. Nut. He is a fairly wild kid, that is for certain.
    Benjamin T

  5. My Little prince is just like Thorn he is a very lively little man yet sometimes he thinks before he acts and gets in a muddle and he absolutely loves an Adventure.

  6. What a fantastic idea. My 7 year old and I just had the most loveliest time reading through all the characters and their traits. Without a doubt she is Petal. She even said so herself and the more she read the more she was convinced she was just like Petal. Her two sisters could easily be Pip as well.

    Thanks for sharing, stopping by with fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  7. Oh these are just so gorgeous and remind me of snugglepot and cuddlepie too. My daughter is definitely most like pollen. She is quiet and shy until she gets to know you. Once she feels comfortable with you, you have a friend for life!

  8. My son is just like Thorn, he finds it very hard to sit still and is ALWAYS looking for the next bit of action. He likes exploring and is always interested and happy when there's something new to focus on (if only for a little while). Oh and, like Thorn, my little one can be a bit clumsy too...in his excitement and wanting to get to the next thing, he often has trips and falls as evident by the regular bruises on his little legs!

  9. Nut is most like my son because he loves books too and carries a book with him all the time - even when we go for grocery shopping ,he sits in the trolley and reads his book.

  10. My middle boy looks a bit like Hummer, a little timid, scared but still dressing up to play the part! x Merry Christmas lovely :)

  11. Both my girls look like Petal as she likes pink the same as my girls & they also have blond hair & big blue eyes :) I bet all three are mischief makers as well!!

  12. My little boy is more like Nut. Because he loves thinking and is quiet too.

  13. I have not had the pleasure of reading these books to my children as I have never heard of them before, but in what I have just read it sounds like I have a variety of characters in my family as I have 7 children. My twins do sound alot like Petal and Pip but I would love to read them with my little ones to find out :-)

  14. My daughter is most like Pip. Endless energy, always into everything ! She loves playing in the garden, eating the veges her dad grows and of course if always grubby. Her knees are always scabbed up from trying to get to places faster than her little legs can take her.
    She loves her little brother and especially her mummy. I am showered in kisses and cuddles all day.
    There is nothing more special than when she strokes my face and just says mumma !

  15. My little miss Ruby is definently like Pip! She is a crazy little whirlwind of adventure and mischief, and is happiest when she is a mess! But she is also very loving and affectionate...especially to her Autistic big bro who she has helped come out of his shell. <3

  16. My son is like nut! Always thinking and always ready for any problem!

  17. My little one sounds like Pip a cheeky little go-getter