Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mummy Must Have Review | I've got an Ow! Health Diary

Being a mother of a child with allergies I have spent a lot of time at drs offices, the emergency ward and we have been admitted to hospital twice. If you have ever been to the hospital with your child you will know that you end up repeating your story over and over to countless drs, each time having to start from the beginning. Most of the time this goes on and on for hours often into the late hours of the evening (kids never seem to need a dr during normal hours right?). On top of that you are usually sleep deprived so by the time you try to repeat the story for the tenth time at 11pm at night you are bound to forget poignant information like the specific number of minutes between feeding and the time the symptoms first started appearing. Most likely you will be highly emotional and stressing about your child getting help and end up cursing yourself for not being able to recall vital information - which is usually required before they will offer treatment. Each time I'm in this situation I find myself thinking wouldn't it be so much easier if I had a place to record all of her symptoms as they happen.

Well my friends I have finally found the perfect place to record this. The I've got an ow! children's health diary is the wonderful creation of Monique Smart the creative mum who is also the founder, owner and big cheese at Messpots. She designed it after realising (like me) that the children's health record book given out by the government when you have a baby could be better. The blue book or red book (depending which state you're in) focuses more on developmental milestones and issues and doesn't provide adequate room to record everyday or serious health issues that arise. It's like she read my mind. She saw a gap in the market for a comprehensive, child specific health diary where parents can record all necessary health details in the one place. In my opinion this is one of the best inventions for children and all parents should have one, especially those whose children have allergies or asthma. Not only will it save your sanity in those times of high stress and panic, it will also ensure that drs can come to the correct diagnosis quicker, saving valuable time in an emergency situation.

Image: Messpots

I've got an Ow! is a stylish, purpose-designed diary to help parents manage and track their child's health. It allows you to keep notes of symptoms, illnesses, diagnosed conditions and any treatments administered. It can be used to record things such as falls, fevers, allergic reactions and dr or hospital visits, to name a few. You can also store all necessary health contact information and family medical history. It is an invaluable resource for your child's health. It is light and compact enough to fit in a nappy bag or handbag so you can always have it on hand to jot down notes while out or as a reference during Dr and hospital visits. My only regret with this diary is that I didn't hear about it or get it sooner! It would have made diagnosing her allergy a much quicker process. So, I'm paying it forward and spreading the word.


  • Contact pages for healthcare providers (e.g doctor & paediatrician)
  • First aid and children's health resource information for AU/NZ and Canada, US and UK [new edition only]   
  • Space to record relevant insurance and Medicare details  
  • Space to record developmental milestones [new edition]
  • Immunisation records
  • Family medical history details [new edition]
  • Over 85 pages to track symptoms, treatments, ongoing health events and medications
  • General notes section
  • Sheet to store business cards or photos
  • Pocket to store scripts and important paperwork
  • Over 108 pages in total

I particularly like the sheet for cards and the pocket at the back. We have a lot of appointments at the doctors and the hospital and I still seem to have baby brain so I have to write them all down or I will forget them. I usually write appointments on the calendar, but of course that doesn't help me to remember when I'm not at home. The plastic sheet means I can easily store appointment cards so I always know my next appointment dates. The pocket is also great for storing her scripts and important diagnosis and appointment letters from the hospital. It's much more organised than having countless cards and pieces of paper floating around in my bag, which I can never seem to find when I want them.

The I've got an Ow! journal has so many benefits other than acting as your memory for you. Having the information on hand all the time means that you also have a current and comprehensive medical history for your own reference, rather than having to go to a doctor to recall dates of previous illnesses. Recording symptoms over a period of time can also aid you in working out what the triggers are for allergies and asthma as well as other conditions such as eczema. It will come in very handy for us to monitor her allergy symptoms as they are appearing more often and appear to be getting more severe.

The diary can also be passed around so that anybody who is caring for your child will have the health information on hand should something happen while you are not there. It is easy to use so those carers will also be able to add notes should symptoms occur whilst the child is in their care. This is also particularly useful in the case of separated parents where the child is constantly going between parents. There is no need to have two books, you can simply take it from one house to the other so each parent has access to the same comprehensive medical history.

The journal can be passed onto your child once they are older so they have their own childhood medical history with them as an adult. That way they won't need to memorise all childhood illnesses, operations etc. I know I find it hard to recall the exact year certain operations and illnesses happened to me as a child, yet drs always insist on asking. At least my daughter will have all that information at hand when needed.

I am so grateful that I have this diary, especially having a baby with colic, reflux and allergies. We have a long road ahead of trial and error to find out if she has any more food allergies. This health diary will be invaluable for monitoring her reactions and determining any further intolerances, especially when we embark on solids. I will definitely be getting one for any other children we may have in the future. It would also be a unique and thoughtful present for expectant mums.

Toni x

Disclosure - I did not receive payment for this review, but was gifted a copy of the I've got an Ow! diary. All opinions are my own based on using the product.

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  1. Such a great idea Toni!!! My daughter had an allergy to egg (she is growing out of it) and an intolerance to wheat. It would have been great to have a place to record all the symptoms because it took me a long time to convince doctors that she actually had a wheat intolerance.

    1. I feel your pain Shelley, mine has a cows milk protein allergy and it took numerous dr visits and paediatricians before they finally took me seriously and diagnosed her with the allergy. If I'd had everything recorded in the book with dates etc I'm sure they would've believed me more and diagnosed her quicker.

  2. What a fantastic idea, thank you for sharing. Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  3. Yeah that's a great idea. I'm always forgetting exactly when things happened with Bridie's ears, so this would be smart. Do you need to have one for each child though, or can you combine?

    1. Hey Jess it would be better to have one for each child as it has only one section for birth details etc as they are designed to be used for one child. The discount is valid for as many copies as you want and im pretty sure she can send 2 copies for the same postage (but don't quote me on that).

      Having said that though if the kids have the same dr info you could use the one book and maybe just record the symptoms in a different colour pen for each child so it doesn't get confusing. I like it as simple as possible so I would personally get one for each child.

    2. Hi Jess
      Toni is right. The journal is designed for one child as not only does it record personal and general health (including birth, height and weight) details for them, the aim is to also provide a 'personal health record' which you can then give them when they grow up, so they too know about their childhood health conditions (as adults we do get asked if we ever had x, y or z as a child ...).
      Plus, if one child is, say, staying away for a holiday or whatever, then the journal can travel with them and be updated by whoever is caring for them as required.
      And lastly (!!), while it's hoped your kidlets don't ever get too unwell, it is intended that the journal will see them through their childhood into their teens; so if you're using one journal for two children you might find you run out of space down the track :-)
      I hope that helps, but ultimately it's up to you how you feel you can best utilise it (and yes, I can send 2 for $6.95 postage). :-)
      Best wishes, Monique

  4. I have one but haven't had the time to look at it - they are a great idea.

  5. What a great idea! Both of my sons were born prematurely and the number of times I have to repeat their stories/health issues at all the different appointments we attend is ridiculous. Thanks for sharing this, off to buy one now!

    1. It is such a good diary to have, you will love it.

  6. I have just been nodding my head right through your post! My son has been admitted to hospital twice, was so sick for the first 6 months of this year, had his adenoids out, grommets in...blah blah (yes, I was sick of repeating the sicknesses he'd had, the symptoms over and over)...and the 'red' book was terrible for recording it. It was all just up in my head, I ended up getting all of his sicknesses mixed up, 'what came before what' and 'how long ago?'. This is a fab idea, going to buy one.

    1. I'm so glad I found it. I already get everything mixed up four months in. Can't imagine trying to remember it all for years to come.